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Company profile

Helisim provides flight simulator training for Airbus Helicopters medium/large twin-engine helicopters, including the H175, H160, AS365 N2, H155, AS332 L1/L2, H225 and NH90, using the most technologically advanced Full Flight Simulators.
Helisim is located adjacent to the Marseille-Provence International Airport, nearby Airbus Helicopters headquarters and production facilities in Marignane, France. Pioneering the Level "D" simulators, Helisim operates the high-end of rotary-wing simulation in which all possible emergency situations can be replicated. This unique feature allows pilots to safely master the entire flight envelope of their helicopters.
We welcome trainees from the civilian, oil and gas, military and public services sectors.

Helisim is a consortium of three leading companies:

  • Airbus Helicopters (47%)
  • Thales AVS (47%, simulator manufacturer)
  • Défense Conseil International (6%, specialized in operational Armed Forces training)

Each founding company, brings to Helisim its exceptional skills and experiences throughout many years of activities in the helicopter, simulators and training fields. Helisim is more than ever able to deliver unparalleled training services on eight different cabins, granted with a D level of certification for most of them. All the assets entrusted, associated with authorities' accreditations, rise Helisim at the rank of a worldwide leader in the simulation.

Our values

Client orientation

We place the satisfaction of our customers at the heart of our concerns.
We actively listen to the needs of our customers in order to understand them and best meet them.
We work in collaboration with our customers to jointly offer effective solutions.


We treat our colleagues and all stakeholders the way we want to be treated.
We communicate honestly, paying attention to the impact we have on others.
We recognize and value differences, and promote diversity.


We are responsible for the collective success of HELISIM.
We take personal responsibility for our actions and commitments.
We make every effort to guarantee the quality of services and compliance with costs and internal and legal rules.

Team work

We all work together within HELISIM to achieve our common goals.
We communicate actively, while being open-minded and attentive to the needs of others.
We understand everyone's role.
We are united.

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