training HELISIM

Helisim is an approved training organization, certified by EASA/DGAC under FR.ATO.0039. Helisim is approved under FAA PART 142 as a satellite of Airbus Helicopters Inc.

Recurrent training

Recurrent Emergency

In accordance with EASA PART OPS (ORO.FC.230), this course allows pilots to review all the normal and emergency procedures and to prepare the mandatory checks (OPC and LPC). It has been designed to provide refresher in knowledge of flight techniques and aircraft normal and emergency procedures with the aim of maintaining operational capabilities and improving flight safety.
Helisim offers the opportunity to train on high range Level D Full Flight Simulator with Airbus Helicopters original aircraft data package and have instructors working in a close relationship with your aircraft manufacturer.

Recurrent IFR

Save en route flight time to optimize the training session and practice your airports instrument approaches in adverse conditions or experience more complex instrument approaches including GPS performance based navigation on aircraft with PBN capability (H225, H175 and H160).
Through its cooperation with Airbus Helicopter Inc., Helisim provides FAA Recurrent Training.

Recurrent category A & B

An engine failure never happens when expected, train your crew on take-off and landing trajectories and be able to deal with an engine failure at any time.

Missions training courses

Search and Rescue

Using extremely realistic SAR scenarios, this course represents a unique training solution to provide your crews with SAR techniques and procedures by day and by night, aided or unaided (NVG) onshore or offshore. Benefit from our instructors experience and expertise to train and prepare your crews for their operational SAR missions.

Night Vision Google

This training course is designed to provide the NVG techniques and methods and has been specially developed to offer to military, polices forces and HEMS operators the skills for performing safe NVG flights, in any environment. Helisim provides 3rd generation NVG equipment for realistic training.
Initial NVG course understand NVG operations in order to be able to fly from a known airfield to another one. Advanced NVG course understand NVG operations to land on an unknown terrain.

Line oriented Flight Mission

During a mission based on your daily activity, your crew will face some issues to deal with. The workload increase requires to optimize Crew Resource Management and Coordination.


Flying VIP passengers requires a specific know-how in terms of navigation, time on target, ensuring a comfortable flight and taking care of medical emergency. This course, which will also focus on active threats, is taught by personnel who have been working for Presidential flight organization during several years.

Offshore Oil and Gas and Energy

Many worldwide Oil Companies, Offshore and Energy operators have expressed their confidence in Helisim for their trainings.


Perform landings on hospital helipad after rescuing victims in life rafts, mountains, urban or confined landing areas.

Mountain Flight

Fly in mountainous environment with helicopter degraded performances and in snowy environment.

Tactical Flight

A transfer of know-how based on totally realistic scenarios which will push aircrews to their limits. This course is provided by combat veterans who will share their experience of high-intensity operations, A mix of ground and sim-based sessions plus in-depth briefings/debriefings will allow students to develop and implement the right strategy in a high-threat environment

Ship Board Helicopter Ops

This course program is designed to acquire shipboard landing and take-off technics by day/night in order to reduce actual training and increase flight safety.

Specific training courses

Performance based navigation

This course program is designed to dispense the PBN (RNAV-RNP) training necessary for a helicopter pilot to conduct a RNP APCH (GNSS – approach).

Multi-crew cooperation

The aim of the course is to enable pilots to become proficient in MCC in order to operate multi-pilot helicopters in IFR and VFR and to get the requirements for multi pilot operations.

Type Rating Instructor

In accordance with EASA PART FCL TRI(H), this course will give attendees a TRI qualification on a specific helicopter type (AS332/EC225 or AS365/EC155) in single pilot or multi pilot operations.


The objective of this course is to prepare and succeed in EASA ATPL check ride. Please do not hesitate to contact us for prerequisites.


Competence Based Instrument Flying training course. This course is dedicated to non-IR qualified pilots with limited instrument flying skills who intend to acquire the minimum knowledge, to conduct safely a full flight in IMC conditions under their own operating procedures.

Refresh ground course

Available for all trainings upon request.

Customized training

Upon request, we will listen to your specific training requirement and objective to design a course specially adapted to meet with your missions and environment.

Type Rating

Helisim is associated with the Airbus Helicopters ATO’s for delivering Type Ratings (EASA, FAA, other CAA).

Dry leasing

Our simulators can be used without a Helisim flight instructor. This flexibility allows operators to use their own instructors, procedures, standards and language. Prior to the first “DRY” training session, an Instructor training course (IOS) must be performed.

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